Digital commerce enables the users to make purchase of goods and other services through interactive and experience of self-service. Moreover, it includes the process, peoples and the technologies used to execute the developing of pricing, promotion, content, customer acquisitions, analytics and retention. In addition to this, also involves the customer experience throughout the buying journey.
Digital commerce also takes into consideration, the experience of user regarding offline and online sales. Besides this, in present times these two are interconnected with each other thanks to the much use of mobile devices for shopping.
According to the Demandware shopping index, that monitor and analyze the activities of almost 250 million shoppers around the world. Mobile phone is emerging as the choice of device for digital commerce.
The index has showed that while desktop is still the primary device for shopping with 48% of the total traffic, mobile phone is close enough with 41% of the traffic.

Create engaging selling experiences:

We are familiar with the fact that digital commerce id growing and mobile is playing key role in it. Business owner must realize the fact that online sales is mandatory nowadays. Good business requires much more then listing products and having a good cart.
To create an engaging and digital experience is bit critical in digital commerce. The commerce story and the contents get so much attention.
A reporter had a conversation with David Hills, vice president of business development Ingenuix, the vendor of web content management, on the importance of management of content for digital commerce. He said that, customers do not like advertisement much, but they do like the content related to the products.
This points out the importance of digital commerce for any business owner who wants to have more revenue with more customers.

How to convert a conventional business into digital commerce?

If you are convinced with importance of digital commerce for your business somehow, then do not step back from your thinking. Its not too late to convert your conventional business into digital commerce.
Here are some considerations for the companies to convert their business from brick-and-mortar to digital commerce.

Strategic plan:

The set of decisions you need to take to shift from physical to digital are not too easy. Do not make these decisions in a vacuum. Your first step should be to start with a strategic plan, keep in consideration the boundaries of your business.
Here are some considerations for the companies to convert their business from brick-and-mortar to digital commerce.

Be Direct:

To simply build an amazon store is not a difficult task, not at all! But this both, “the opportunity” and “the problem”. There are no such barriers to enter and little opportunity to build valuable enterprise. Almost all of the clients of amazon are trying to achieve almost 50 % or more in the direct volume on their .com sites. Amazon is playing great games with MAP (minimum acceptable prices) so its better to be direct and control MAP at your own.

  • Build the correct supply chain footprint:
    Now, Amazon prime is flipping the script of whole supply chain. Customer more likely to expect their product in 24 hours. The one of the most disruptive technologies among our life will be zero-check and will make the suppliers to rethink fulfillment. Business need to develop footprints to ship their products from multiple points on the same day. There are allot of third-party logistics that can handle this problem.
  • Performance Metrics:
    Online conversations are considered just like a game -a game that is more like part art and part-sceince. Digital commerce stores need the correct layout and esthetics. You should be maniacal about the performance metrics.
  • Level up your online store:
    Choosing the right digital technology is a difficult task. If you do not pay enough attention on building enough functionality from onset, you will not have enough tools to enable conversation or other
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    Here are some considerations for the companies to convert their business from brick-and-mortar to digital commerce.